CityCafé Instant Cereal Purple Sweet Potato Mix

Our Instant Cereal Purple Sweet Potato Mix is less sweet compared to our 3 in 1 Instant Cereal and contains prebiotic fibres which is good for your intestines.  The natural sweet potato flavours provide a mellow, deep and complex flavour along with the original creaminess from the 3 in 1 Instant Cereal.  A healthier natural option!


30 gram x 15 sachets x 24 packets
Carton (L x W x H) : 47.0cm x 37.3cm x 35.8cm

20′ Container : 432 ctns (7.2MT)
40′ Container : 900 ctns (15MT)
40′ High Cube : 1050 ctns (17.5MT)

Ingredient list

Cereal (Wheat, Malt Extract, Sucrose, Maize, Soya Bean, Rice, Salt and Vanilla Flavour), Creamer (contains Sodium Caseinate(Milk Protein)), Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Sugar and Contains Permitted Food Flavouring.



Do you know?

We know your struggle with having breakfast with your busy lifestyle. That is why we make this product ‘jam-packed’ with cereal to feed and nourish both hungry adults and children (especially in the rushed morning). Combined with its lovely creaminess and moderate sweetness, it is loved by many.

p/s: Also great as a tea time snack!

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