How our brand started

It all happened when I was on a beach holiday. I was invited by a young couple, who were enjoying each other’s company while keeping an eye on their kids, for a cup of coffee. At that very moment, I was fascinated by how a cup of coffee has that charm in bonding people and exude a sense of genuine warmth!

In these modern days, we are too dependent on technologies and have slowly forgotten the true meaning of human connection and interaction. Here, in CityCafé, we’d like to be the bridge that surrounds people with Warmth and Connection because we believe that is how we should Jump Start our day…Everyday!

Have a beautiful coffee day!

Herbert Goh

Executive Director

Hence the logo

The seagull in the logo represents messenger, delivering and spreading happiness and warmness in every cup of CityCafe’s products.

The coffee beans of two matching shapes symbolize human connection and interaction. The placement location of the bean between the word ‘City’ and ‘Café’ acts as a bridge that connects people together and the centre cut of the coffee bean represents the channel of people interaction with a cup of hot coffee.

The blue colour of logo represents blue sky and ocean, which illustrates soothing, sincerity and inspirations.

The wavy line on the logo signifies a journey of a dream of reaching out to public on the importance of people connection.

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